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The indigenous people of all continents, our ancestors, lived close to the earth. The land provided everything they needed for their survival – shelter, food, clothing, tools, medicines – life itself. These ancient cultures practiced a universal method of teaching and learning – the modern term used for this is often called ‘mentoring’. In the way our children learn reading and mathematics, the children of our ancestors were mentored in the ways of edible and medicinal plants, stalking and movement, tracking and awareness, the sanctity of the hunt and their connection to all things. Each person’s natural gifts was cultivated and cherished, honored and respected for their unique and vital contribution to the Whole. Knowledge was passed down through generations using story, song, role modeling and ceremony. Every person in each of these small societies – parents, extended families, peers, elders – was invested in this journey. The survival of their culture depended upon its success.

At The Earthtime Project, we have made the commitment to reclaim this ancient way of teaching and learning and offer programs to schools and foundations, both public and private, community organizations, business/corporate groups, drug/alcohol rehab programs and youth-at-risk programs. Our programs are nature based, focusing on cultivating a relationship with the natural world using field studies and ecology, tracking and awareness exercises, movement and creative expression as our foundational teachings.

Our students will learn to survive with nothing but what nature provides, where survival is not a struggle but a dance in the celebration of living. It is our vision and passion to pass on the wisdom of our ancestors, from our teachers and mentors, forward to our apprentices and journeymen, to the future generations, mastering and preserving the ancient art of awareness.

Workshops, Classes and Events

7 Arrows Call to Consciousness (Formerly The Ancient Art of Awareness) Our 15th Year.

A One-year Apprenticeship in the Philosophy/Ceremonies of the Ancient Americas – Please consider joining us on a tracking journey. It is a pathway into the regions of the mind, the heart and the spirit that few in our fast-paced world choose to take. This process is quite old and has withstood the ultimate tests – efficacy and time. It is our intention to create a crucible of learning, research and discovery and to hold this space for one year – but ultimately these are merely the beginning steps. These skills are important, even urgent as each of us carries a unique and powerful message for the whole.

A Stake in the Ground For countless generations our tribal ancestors cultivated a deep and meaningful relationship with all aspects of the natural world. The elemental forces of nature were their teachers, guides and messengers. This knowledge has not been lost, but stolen from us by a society that has lost its center. It endures, like a set of blueprints – written into your DNA and to reclaim its wisdom is to reclaim your Sacred birthright.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The essence of the ‘Sacred Silence’
  • ‘Dynamic’ meditation
  • The foundational truths in all belief systems
  • Healing
  • Deeper and more authentic communication with nature
  • Cultivation of your own inner gifts – ‘personal medicine’
  • The Visionary Process
  • Reestablishment of the conscious link to your ancestry
  • ‘Pure’ ceremony
  • Dreamtime presence and personal symbology
  • The path of the Coyote Teacher …and so much more

Date: Wednesday March 28th 2023 with closing ceremony on March 13th 2024

Where: Unison Arts Center Mountain Rest Road New Paltz New York

Time: 7-9:30pm

Tuition: $1495.95 with some limited work trades available.

Limit: 20 students You can drop the class after 4 weeks for a pro-rated refund.


Date: TBD

Where: Rosendale NY

Suggested donation: $550 (to help cover land use cost, insurance, food)

Contact: Michael @  michaelridolfo@gmail.com


THE WELL – The Landscape of the Subconscious Mind  – This is a workshop designed for those who have completed the ‘7 Arrows/Ancient Art of Awareness’ year-long apprenticeship. My vision for this gathering is for all of us to push deeper into the meaning of the signs, symbols, dreams, synchronicities, trials, tribulations and miracles that we all encounter along our life journey. You already have the tools; this will help to focus your skills and improve their effectiveness.

Dates: Historically we ran these follow-on classes on the last Saturday of each month – 6 classes. Dates to be determined by you the students.

Time: 1-6pm – pot luck afterwards

Prerequisite: Ancient Art of Awareness graduates

Where: Site TBD

Tuition: Donation

Weather Contingencies: We’ll talk about it


LIFE FORCE – The Voices of Nature – This is another workshop designed for those who have completed the ‘7Arrows/Ancient Art of Awareness’ year-long apprenticeship. My vision for this gathering is for all of us to push deeper into working with and interpreting the voices of nature, including but not limited to: the wisdom of the plants, the voices of the  birds, the wisdom of the tracks, the teachings of the very ground we walk upon, healing and so much more.

Dates: Historically a full-day class the last Saturday of each month – 4 classes total. Dates TBD by you.

Time: 1-5pm – pot luck afterwards

Prerequisite: 7 Arrows/Ancient Art of Awareness graduates

Where: Site TBD

Tuition: Donation

Weather Contingencies: We’ll talk about it