The Earthtime Project, formerly Wilderness Mind was founded in 1999. Despite being born and raised in the urban jungle, with brief respites in the suburbs, I was always called to the wildness of Mother Earth. At my first opportunity I vacated the premises. What I learned immediately was that the High Court of Natural Law gave no deference to the social standing, opinions or worldview of the human species. For myself this was a doorway into a journey of self-realization and empowerment. And ultimately – truth. What I needed next was: Teachers.

After several years of camping and backpacking excursions a coworker (and unbeknownst to me my first silent mentor) introduced me to rock climbing which I took to like breathing. This evolved into ice climbing and extreme winter mountaineering all of which brought me closer to that deep mystery of living that I was seeking. In so many turns of the wheel of fate I crossed paths Tom Brown Jr, whose life and teachings resonated deeply into my being and he’s still one of my most influential teachers to this day, 30 years and counting. Concurrent with this life-stage I was blessed to learn from many beloved elders, some who have since passed to the next stage of their infinite Journey. Their love, their fierce admonishments, their unwavering belief in me has carried me through the most difficult times and no amount of my gratitude could ever repay them. I know though, all that they would ask is that I remain true to myself and to be aware. They have encouraged me to keep cultivating my natural gifts and to teach only what I have integrated. This journey has brought me to a place of both internal and external freedom. I send my love and gratitude out to each of them. right now. 

I’m presently ‘working’ at the Mohonk Mountain House as the full-time naturalist. Commuting to ‘work’ is like entering a piece of paradise. Being a small part of the history and legacy of Mohonk is an enduring gift that I hold close to my heart. Every day I get to track, to teach people how to interpret the voices and patterns of nature and to consider these elements as their teachers. I have brought the teachings that have been passed down to me to a broad spectrum of students, from elite hedge fund and global organizations, to accredited high school science programs, junior naturalist programs, youth-at-risk/alternative to incarceration and addiction recovery programs and more. I don’t know how I could survive without music and the arts. The lofty summits, both external and internal, still beckon. 

I hold in my heart, with the best of my ability, and with my most authentic self,

a Vision for the awakening of the collective human spirit.