Student Feedback

Michael is a teacher of the highest order understanding and applying the whole of the intricacies required to transport a student to a shift of consciousness and greater awareness. He accomplishes this primarily by being devoted and surrendered to divine direction beyond his own ideas and by committing to the integrity required to do what must be done in order to accomplish the goal even at the risk of loss of face. He does not ask his students to go any place he has not gone many times before. And the teachings are ancient, cross cultural and universal but possibly have never been more clearly outlined and usable than they are presented in this particular discipline. I have used these teachings to save my own life and the lives of others and more importantly salvage my soul, improve my existence and …oh yeah, Touch God. THEY ARE EFFECTIVE!– My word, Vincent Ingenio, 6th dan Bujinkan Budo instructor, Reiki master, Army veteran,
ER and Oncology Nurse, New Paltz, NY

This class engages the whole person; with stories that grab hold of the spirit’s yearning, beautiful conceptual maps that capture the mind, fiery passion that awakens the heart, and knowledge of survival skills that trains the body. This class engages all the parts of us, and helps to evolve us. With genuine humility and reverence to his teachers, Michael offers invaluable teachings from a lineage of ancient Native wisdom traditions, and these teachings are desperately needed in this time that we’re living in. It is imperative for us to be able to align ourselves with spirit, ground ourselves with the earth, and strengthen our relationships, to ourselves and to each other in this time. This class has given me such a simple and profound map of who we actually are, and how we are wired and connected to all of life. This class awakens the timeless question, “What is my purpose”, and through the process of the class, I have become more skillful at commanding clarity and deciphering the answers that are constantly being given. This class is a journey of self, and a journey of community. We are not alone on this journey. Through the intimate setting of the class, and the nature of the teachings, these help to facilitate the building of strong familial bonds among the class members. I feel grateful to Michael for heeding the spirit’s call to carry out this vision to teach these teachings, and for helping to create a community that feels like home.– Miriam R. High Falls, NY

The Ancient Art of Awareness is a workshop, an experience a year-long journey into gaining a deeper understanding of the journey to self-realization and empowerment., the way of the spirit and the power of ceremony. Through mediation, physical practices and research we tapped into the depths of our collective group consciousness and discoverred teachings that I will be unpacking for a lifetime. Sitting in circle or in the classroom on a rainy night always offered me ways for me to better understand the ancient teachings that we became honored to explore. Michael, with this gift of making complexity understandable, guided us on an adventure of philosophy as it applies to the everyday world and beyond. The guest teachers only elevated the class and allowed further gifts of nature connection to abound. – Rob L Accord NY

Ancient Art of Awareness Gave me the beautiful opportunity to quiet down, listen and ultimately learn to trust my inner voice. I feel an unshakable connection to humanity, all ancestors, spirit. The commitment was integral for my growth, my life, my community. Michael’s teaching is approachable, passionate and directed with purpose way beyond self. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!– Rebecca L., Rosendale, NY

In this class, I was given tools that I will continue to learn and use for the rest of my life. I was challenged in just the right ways and filled with gratitude for Michael’s humility, generosity, integrity, and for the powerful teachings he shared.– Daisha S., High Falls, NY

The Ancient Art of Awareness was for me the beginning of the end of my old self (or at least who I thought I was) and the re-introduction to my true self. Its been over two years since I began this workshop with Michael. Now nothing is as important as searching and questing for clarity of my purpose and my vision so that I may one day be able to give back to others as Michael has given so much to me. I am eternally grateful for the tools that I have been given and honored to know that I am part of the infinite journey in this way.– Jonathan G., High Falls, NY

Expanded awareness, increased consciousness, renewed connection to Creator , an abiding feeling of internal quiet and a realization of my brotherhood to all living things. These are some the things with which I have come away from this year long adventure in personal growth and spiritual discovery. I could not say enough about this teacher and these teachings if given a lifetime in which to do it. It has changed my life in indescribable ways and I am so grateful to have shared this walk thus far with these people. If this one evening per week were expanded to 5 evenings a week I would still make the 4 hour round trip to participate. These are my feelings about this journey.. If this sounds like something that resonates with you, then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to experience these teachings.– Christine W., Bronx, NY

Michael’s workshop has been an invitation to explore and deepen our relationship with the Great Mystery ….. both within ourselves and in the wondrous world of living Spirit around us. Through the development of skills of inner and outer listening, we have been opening to the subtle and vast energies that communicate many levels of knowing and interconnection to us. Tracking footprints in our minds, our bodies, of four leggeds in the woods, songs of birds, winds in the trees, the stars in their movement ……..all of this richness is becoming part of our language and expanding awareness of the creative and sacred life force. These are wonderful tools for navigating life.”– ilfra, Woodstock, NY

My view on life and who I am has changed dramatically since taking Michael’s class. I spent most of my life living in cities and although I loved nature and the outdoors, I always kept it at arms length and never really examined it at a deeper level. As I feel more connected to animal and plants, my life becomes more rich. Through Grandfather’s teachings, Michael has taught me to intellectualize less, and intuit more. Meditation skills and undertaking my dream world has brought me closer to understanding who I really am and where I want to go. I have been given sacred gifts that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”– Suzanne, Cornwall, CT

Michael’s knowledgeable and energetic way of teaching has been an inspiration to me! I especially enjoy his focus on Sacred Ceremony and practical methods of living and communing with Mother Earth. His technique and direction in developing intuitive spiritual communication is awesome!” Joy, Monticello, NY

Impressive skills developed during years of passionate commitment and “dirt time” shine in Michael’s work. Arts of Awareness through the ancient coyote ways, passed on by teachers such as Tom Brown Jr. and Grandfather Stalking Wolf, conveyed with sincerity, spirit and generosity, Michael is a teacher’s teacher. I am always deeply gratified to be with like – minded souls sharing sacred wisdom, developing language, and community. I feel that what is being shared is the true treasure. Finding and being Home.”– Davida, Phonecia, NY

Today I spoke of yesterday, in a search of dreams tomorrow…., accepting realities of traveled pains, empowering faith.., as spiritual healing laid new claims…, and i listened as 1000’s of Grandfathers and Grandmothers shared wisdoms of the majesty of mother Earth, and a living God deep inside me that could be found , Should i accept of this journey to a higher ground. Spiritual teachings are knot always easy learning, they require a complete surrender of ego, and vanity, and pride …, and the faithful acceptance of the perceived gentle qualities of love, grace and mercy. Those given of insight and patience and commitment to carry the message of these arts, are a rare and select breed of individual …, to which i have been most challenged to be in the company of !!! To my instructor and teacher Michael Ridolfo and all the brothers and sisters that i became family of in ” the Ancient Art of Awareness class of 2010-2011 ..”, ” Peace, Love, Joy and Purpose …..”– E. Middleton, New Paltz, NY

I really can’t say how big or how much of an effect the Ancient Art of Awareness apprenticeship has had on my life….I just KNOW that it will be with me forever. I’m not sad to be closing because¬† I’m sure there will be future opportunities for us all to seek and learn together again. Love to all.¬† ¬†– Maria S. Port Ewen, NY